Our Team


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Dr Dianne Nicholson
Works - Monday, Wednesday morning, Friday and Saturday (fortnightly)
Dr Robyn Mitchell
Works - Tuesday and Thursday
Dr Kent Fu
Works - Tuesday, Wednesday (afternoon) and Friday
Dr Joshua Betts
Works - Monday, Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday morning
Dr Margaret Robin
Works - Monday afternoons
Dr Anita Ponniah
Works - Monday morning and Thursday morning

Allied Health 

Dr Annette Watson-Luke  Clinical Psychologist
Works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Ned Saric
Works Monday evening, Friday evening and Saturday morning
Aleksa Gagic  Dietitian
Works Friday mornings fortnightly 


Tracey Parsons
Kimberley Cahill 

Reception Staff

Erin - Practice Manager


St Lucia Medical Centre
32 Hawken Drive, St Lucia Q 4067
Phone: 07 3371 6005

Fax: 07 3217

Email: Reception@stluciamedical.com.au

Surgery Hours 
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday 9:30am - 12pm


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